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James Rutherford is an international stage director and third generation New Yorker, raised in Manhattan but based in Brooklyn, having worked and studied in New York, Paris, London, Prague, Poland, Providence, and Transylvania. In 2008 James founded the theater company M-34, named after the make and model of the fake mustache so often worn as an actor (the "M" presumably standing for "mustache"). Their work largely comprises adaptations of classic plays and devised movement-theater, characterized by dramatic visual composition and overwhelming emotionality, with an approach to theater tending towards the communal, the mystic, the holy, the woo-woo, the utopian, and the ooga-booga. They would love for the terms "Psychological Surrealism" and "Modern Symbolism" to catch on. James has at one time or another been a protégé of Peter Brook, Andrei Serban, and Richard Foreman. BA Brown University; proud scion of Anne Bogart's Columbia MFA Directing program. We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

James uses they/them pronouns. Contact jamesarutherford at Press inquiries go to David Gibbs of DARR Publicity: david at


Photo by Eileen Meny Photography.

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