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William Shakespeare

Macbeth was performed site-specifically in the Chafee Courtyard behind Brown University's John D. Rockefeller Library, May ?-?, 2005.  It was produced under the auspicies of Brown University's Shakespeare on the Green.


Scenery by JR, lighting by Todd Lipcon, costumes by Xephyr Zanzabar and Janet Minichiello, stage management by Shea Donie, production management by Kate Planitzer, and fight choreography by Johnny Lin.


The cast featured Douglas Benedicto (Banquo), Chris Bremner (Macbeth), Rachel Caris (Rosse), Ross Cowan (Macduff), Theadora Greece (Lady Macduff/Witch), Johnny Lin (Macdonwald), Adam Scott Mazer (Duncan/Porter), Katie Meister (Lady Macbeth), James Myers (Malcolm), Mary Ottinger (Fleance), Stephanie Tan-Torres (Witch) and Annabel Topham (Witch).

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